NUK Thermo Rapid Food Warmer

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Toddlers are demanding (especially with their food) and need several warm meals a day. With the fast NUK Thermo Rapid Food Warmer these can be prepared quickly. It uses steam to warm bottles and jars gently and evenly in 3 to 4 minutes. The capacity of the food warmer is adjustable, letting you use the most varied types of baby bottles and food jars. The length of the warming phase varies according to the amount of water (shown on an easy-to-read table) you need to use to reach the right feeding temperature of approx. 37°C.

The NUK Thermo Rapid Food Warmer has an output of 300 watts to warm up quickly, and is operated by a simple push of a button. An integrated control light shows when it is in the warming phase, after which the food warmer automatically switches itself off. Baby food jars can be removed quickly and easily in the practical basket so that you avoid any direct contact with steam. 

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